QR Master Service Agreement

1. Service agreement

Welcome to use the QR Master software!

The ownership and operation right of the services and contents provided by QR master are owned by Guangzhou Changlian Information Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as UCLBRT). If user register and submit account successfully, it indicates that the user has accepted the following agreement. Please read the following contents carefully,if you don’t agree it, please stop to use the software immediately.If the user violates the following terms in the process of use, UCLBRT may unilaterally stop the provision of services and reserve the right to hold accountable.

2. Service introduction

2.1 membership user

The user shall confirm that he already has the capacity of civil conduct in accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China before registered.If registered users don’t have the appropriate capacity for civil right and civil conduct, then registered user and his guardian shall be bear all the consequences caused in accordance with the law.

2.2 account and password

(1)After the user completed the registration application procedures, it means that the user has acquired the right to use QR master software. Users are responsible for providing timely,detailed and accurate personal data. Users need to safekeeping account(user name) and password, the user’s account(user name) and password operation or implementation will be regarded as the user’s own behavior, and the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences. If users find other people improperly using their own accounts or any other situation that may endanger their own accounts security. The user shall immediately notify the UCLBRT in writing and in an effective manner, and request the suspension of relevant services.

(2)In the process of registering and using the software, users only get the usage right of the accounts and software,and the usage right belongs to the original applicant, and the software and account ownership are all owned by UCLBRT. In the process of using the software, users should not transfer or lend the accounts to other people, and users should be responsible for all the consequences caused by transferring or lending their accounts to others.

(3)If the user didn’t login the registered account for a longtime, to avoid resource waste, UCLBRT has the right to recover the account. All the consequences caused shall be borne by the user.

(4)Hack other people’s accounts is prohibited, and UCLBRT will retain the right to resort to legal claims.

2.3 personal information

The normal use of QR master software needs to input user’s personal information, the ownership of personal information belongs to user. The user’s personal information will not be leaked in the normal use of QR master software, unless otherwise specified in the laws and regulations and this agreement.If the personal information is leaked for user’s personal reasons, UCLBRT as the owner of QR master software is not responsible for all the consequence caused.

UCLBRT will do its utmost to ensure the integrity and security of all users information, but UCLBRT also has the right to determine the storage capacity and time of single user information. UCLBRT has the right to delete the relevant personal data in the event of the storage capacity and time exceeding the limit. After user stop using the software and services, UCLBRT has the right to delete the user data permanently from the server and has no obligation to return any data.

2.4 Real-name authentication

During using the QR Master Software authentication section to do personal authentication or hotel authentication, please ensure that the submitted materials and information are detailed and accurate. If the material and information are changed, please refill the information in time. QR Master software users shall assume full legal responsibility for the uploaded materials and information.

2.5 Authorization management

Before using the authorization management, please clearly understand the function of authorization management and the consequence might caused by using it. Users who use authorization management indicate that they have understood the function of the authorization management and the consequences. UCLBRT is not responsible for any consequence caused by improper use, the user should be assume all the consequences.

2.6 Room management

Before using the room management, Please clearly understand the function of room management and and the consequence might caused by using it. Users who use room management indicate that they have understood the function of the room management and the consequences. UCLBRT is not responsible for any consequence caused by improper use, the user should be assume all the consequences.

2.7 Printing and sharing room card

Before using the function of print and share room card, Please clearly understand the function of printing and sharing room card and the consequences might caused by using this function. Users who print and share room card indicate that they have fully understood the function of printing and sharing room card and the consequences. UCLBRT is not responsible for any consequence caused by improper use, the user should be assume all the consequences.

2.8 The service protocol of closing the sharing verification code

QRinn cloud accommodation management system of UCLBRT has a default rule, when users open a sharing QRcode room key link on a third party PC or mobile, the shared party should input the verification code from SMS at first, then receive QRcode room key after verified successfully. If you choose “close the sharing verification code”, please fully understand the possible risks , safety hazards and bear all the consequences and losses might caused. After you confirmed ” close the sharing validation code”, it means that you have reached an agreement with UCLBRT, and you accept the contents of this agreement voluntarily. Hereafter, users can’t plead not reading the terms of this service as the reason to defend.

2.9 Software install, update and uninstall

(1)UCLBRT has developed different versions software for different devices, please install the appropriate version software. You can download the software from our company's official website, or the third-party software platform authorized by our company. Users will be responsible for the loss caused by inappropriate download.

(2)To provide better services, UCLBRT will push the latest version software to the user, users have the right to download or not download. To ensure the security and functionality of the software and services, UCLBRT has the right to update the software without special notice, and the right to change or limit some of the functions of the software. In order to provide better service to new version users, UCLBRT does not guarantee the integrity of the old version software functions, please download and update new version software in time.

(3)Users who are not satisfied with the function and experience of the software can uninstall the software according to their decisions.

3.User regulations

3.1 Legal Content

 In the process of using QR Master, users need to undertake legal responsibility for generating and spreading of  any graphic information, must abide by the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. And the user should undertake all responsibility for any legal dispute caused by the contents generated .

3.2 Legal operation

Any legal dispute caused by using this software service with any illegal purpose shall be borne by the users. And any legal dispute caused by using this software to do any illegal activities shall be borne by the users.

3.3 Declaration of intellectual property

(1)UCLBRT is the owner of the intellectual property right of the QR Master software, all the QR master software copyright, trademarks, patents, business secrets and other intellectual property rights, and all the software related information (including but not limited to text, picture, video, icon, interface design, data, etc.), all are protected by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. UCLBRT enjoys the above intellectual property.

(2)All the law protected intellectual property of the graphic information generated by the user are possessed by both UCLBRT and the user.

(3)When using the software, all the contents created, copied, issued and spread should be in accordance with the law. Users should be responsible for any illegal contents created by themselves.

(4)Users should be responsible for all the disputes caused by any infringes on other’s reputation, image right, intellectual property, business secret and other legal rights when using the software.

(5)UCLBRT has the ownership of all the contents created by the its mangers. Any use of contents created in this software without permission will be deemed to be illegal.

(6)Forbid deleting any copyright information on this software.

(7)UCLBRT reserves the right to select and delete information.

(8)Users should not reverse engineer, reverse compile, or disassemble QR master software, or find its original code in other ways, or implement any suspicious behavior of infringement of copyright and other intellectual property.

(9)Forbid Login and using QR Master software by a third-party software, plug-in, tag-on and system.

(10)It is illegal to transfer this software to a third-party or use this software to provide similar services to a third-party by means of rent, lease, sales, authority delegation, distribution or in any other ways.

(11)he trademark and LOGO of the QR Master are protected by the law. Unauthorized use of the trademark or LOGO is illegal .

(12)Without the written consent from UCLBRT or relevant obligee, users shall not allow any third party or themselves to implement, utilize or transfer the above intellectual property rights for any purpose.

3.4 Breach of contract and treatment

If verified that the user has a breach of this contract when using this software, UCLBRT has the right to deal with related content and account without his authorization. For severe violation and suspected of crime, UCLBRT also has the right to take legal action against illegal user, to obtain related files and submit to relevant department according to the law. User should be responsible for any loss of a third party which was caused by his breach of this contract.

3.5 Matters need attention

When user use this software, he will use mobile terminal and broadband resource, and there will generate data traffic fee. User should gain related costs from the carrier, and responsible for it.

Some functions of the software will make a third party to gain user’s information, for example, User’s profile photo and room information.

There will have separate agreement for specific service, please read and understand the agreement before using specific service.

4.Responsibility and restrictions

(1)UCLBRT is in charge of providing QR Master software management service to you in normal condition. UCLBRT can undertake basic protection obligation, but won’t take charge of harmful consequence due to maintenance of information network equipment, connection failures, communication or other system failure, electrical failure, trike, riot, government actions, orders from Judicial administrative department or any other force majeure.

(2) UCLBRT is not responsible for the loss due to voluntary participation in sales promotion, discount package or value-adding activities organized by UCLBRT.

5.Termination of service

UCLBRT or user can end the network service by friendly negotiation according to real condition. If verified that each party unilaterally terminate the service agreement, then this party should pay another party the corresponding amount according to the contract remaining service time.

6.Law and others

(1)The agreement signing, validity, interpretation, revision, termination, enforcement and the dispute settlement all are applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China (mainland).

(2)No enforcement of rights and policies according to the agreement do not mean that UCLBRT abandon these rights and policies.

(3)If any clause in the agreement is partly or totally invalid or not enforceable, other clauses in the agreement still be valid and enforceable.