Intelligent Hotel
Intelligent Apartment
Intelligent Office
Intelligent School
Intelligent Neighborhood
Intelligent Storage

Phone is the key

Scan and unlock

No need for keys or cards

Control the unlock time of the key

Every timeliness of the key is controlled

to prevent from key stealing

Flexible Allocation of Authorities

Allocate and change authorities to

different characters real-time

Share keys in real-time

Share keys by face to face,

WeChat, QQ, Email, photo,etc


Intelligent Office

Depeili Business Center

Agile Property Center,26, Huaxia Road,Tianhe district, Guangzhou

Intelligent Hotel

Huawei Amber Hotel

Amber Hotel in Saudi Arabia

Intelligent School

Hehai University

1,Xikang Road,Ninghai Road, Nanjing

Intelligent Apartment

SOHO Apartment of Wanda

36, Badong Road, Nanhai District, Foshan

Intelligent Community

Huixiang in Taiwan

Liufenliao, Shanhua District, Tainan

Intelligent Storage


B2 Floor, Jingguang Business Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Hardware Consulting