————   UCLBRT, Inc.

UCLBRT(Guangzhou), establish in 2014, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of software for intelligent lock management, so as to stimulate the informatization of accommodation. Through connecting people and the Internet, online and offline, UCLBRT devotes itself to providing feasible and effective solutions and software for various using scenarios like hotels, inns, apartments, communities, offices warehouse, etc.

UCLBRT has developed targeted, efficient software that is easy to operate and manage such as QR Master, QR Inn, QR Key, QR helper, QR Booking, and interface, so as to meet the need of access control management, hotel management and nearby goods and services expansion for different usage scenarios.

Through seamless connection and management between software and QR Lock series, we have served for office, apartments, hotels, inns, individuals overseas and so on. Our clients, such as Ibis, worldwide hotels of Huawei, Cowork, Depeili, SOHO apartment of Wanda, Kapok hotel, Hehai University,etc, all are impressed by our products with great appreciation.

In addition, we also have reached strategic cooperation and provided data docking service with relevant industry companies, in order to improve operational efficiency, maximize the business potential, enhance clients’ stickiness and create a personalized and characteristic service system.

Following the principle of that technology and innovation create better life, UCLBRT pays great attention to users’ needs and use software to manage QR Locks for the final goal: the pursuit of better living and better life, which is not only a wish but a commitment. In the future, UCLBRT will provide more efficient and innovative technical services for users to reach mobility management quickly, manage accommodation industry better, and solve users’ travel problems just by a phone!

————   Shaoguan Innovate Technology Equipment Co.,Ltd.(The parent company of UCLBRT)

Shaoguan Innovate Technology Equipment Co.,Ltd. is the parent company of UCLBRT, which provides intelligent hardware production for UCLBRT. Established in 2007, it devotes itself to the development and production of products applied smart chip and intelligent software, and owns many patents for utility as well as for invention of QR Locks.)

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