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UCLBRT information technology co., LTD., founded in 2014, is engaged in the intelligent housing related products research and development of high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to achieve innovation of Web products, software technology and hardware ways to connect with the Internet, through online and offline, providing customers with multidimensional, easy and fast product experience.

The company independent innovation products with QRLOCK based hardware and combine the software platform to provide mobility gated management and open platform informationalized services for different area customers. We uphold the concept is technology innovation changes life. Under the background of the age of Internet technology, using the technology to realize the business transformation and innovation. The current technical level covers the hardware coding technology, server data processing technology, high concurrency Web server technology, cloud computing, terminal interaction/software and other area.

At present, our service areas include office, apartment, hotel, guesthouse and personal user. We also reached a strategic cooperation with the industry and provide cloud platform data service. In the future, UCLBRT will provide more high quality technical services to help customer achieve mobile Internet technology, meanwhile, reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness to grasp more market opportunities.