1. What's QRMaster?
QRMaster is a multi-functional online management system, features include door access management, employee management and client management.
You can easily manage your clients, employees and door access with QRMaster in huge amount of occasions, such as hotels, offices and apartments. QRMaster allows you to manage your locks more rapidly and effectively.
2. What can QRMaster do for you ?
Efficient door access management
  • Got tons of keys to manage? Always make mistake in manage keys? Don’t worry, the QRMaster can manage keys of the entire world for you.
  • Data multi-encrypted. It's so hard to get one key stolen.
  • Share keys to visitors even you are miles away.
  • Worry about key privacy? Share a door key with expiry time to a temporary visitor with QRMaster.
Efficient employee information management
  • QRMaster helps you to clarify the door authorities of each member by setting position of members.
  • QRMaster allows you to grant room access authorities and check real-time room status online, helps you to handle room business effectively, and improve user experience of your product or service.
Efficient client information management
  • QRMaster offer user management system to manage your client information online, which is cost saving and efficiently manage users in order.
  • QRMaster makes the information transferring between managers and clients more smooth and quickly. You are able to send messages to client in time and even promote your products through QRMaster.