Amount of Online QR Locks:

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Manage hundreds of locks and serve for

more and more clients home and abroad

Solve All Unlocking Issues by Your Phone

Who can open, how long, and who has opened, all is under your control!

Manage in long distance anywhere and anytime.

Timeliness set to promise the security.

Handle all about the lock and room

stage through the backstage.

Limit the unlock time and frequency.

Handle Everyone’s entry.

Share or cancel the sharing of QR key anytime and anywhere.

Through long-distance.

Unlocking record is available.

You can get every entry from AliCloud.

Use phone and QR lock to unlock all problems!

Manage QR Lock, you can save labor force in any scene.

Choose different lock type for different scenes.

QR系列 Smart QR lock

Providing Intelligent Solutions for Various Usage Scenarios.

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