The developer encapsulates the corresponding parameters according to the requirements to issue the room cards.
2.Request address
3.Request method
4. Parameter specification
Attribute Type Constraint Explanation
sig String Required Request signature
issueMac String Required Issue devicemacAddress
accountSid String Required Developer Account SID, the unique identifier of developer(32 characters of letters and numbers).
endTime String Required QRM valid time end, format: 1808050403 2018, 08, 05, 04, 03 minutes.
communityNo String Required Community No.
buildNo String Required Building No.
floorNo String Required Floor No.
roomNo String Required Room No.
owner String Required, if not, please fill in the empty string. owner
5.Signature generation rule
Sequential splicing issueMac, endTime, accountSid, communityNo, buildNo, floorNo, roomNo, authToken is then encrypted using MD5 to obtain sig, and authToken is obtained from developer data.
Request samples
{"sig":"4352582bd255548ef7a1a3acf9cf5019","issueMac":"7C778A6C7D9C","endTime":"180805 0403","accountSid":"001","communityNo":"101","buildNo":"1234","floorNo":"1511211200","roomNo":"2221","owner":"kiwi"}
Successful result:
{"status":200,"info":"success","message":"Successful operation"}
Fail result:
{"status": 5118,"info": "No data is available","message": "Error"}