1. For beginner
  • UCLBRT is a high-tech company providing door access management software based on QR lock series.
  • QR Master is not only capable for door access management, but also employees and clients management.
  • QR Master is used in various scenarios, such as hotels, companies, apartments, communities, schools and families, etc.
  • QR Master will cooperate with online hotel management system to create a circle which allows guests to finish 'online hotel booking - door access management - check in - checkout' all by an app.
About software
  • What are the major functions of QR Master console panel?
  • QR Master management includes 'community', 'management', 'statistics', 'product & service' , 'micro community' , 'user center', and 'synchronization center'.
  • How to create new rooms?
  • Before adding room, please add building and floor first.
    Step 1: select 'Room' — 'building' — 'add building' and input building information.
    Step 2: select 'Floor' —— 'Add floor', input floor information and submit
    Step 3: select 'Room' => 'add',input room information and submit.
  • How to check door opening log?
  • Select 'Statistics' => Choose building => Choose floor => Choose room number => click 'Search' to check the opening record and details.
  • How to edit QR codes' effective time?
  • Select 'Information => Effective time => Edit' to set the effective time of QR code key.
  • How to print a room card?
  • Choose roomManage => Issue/Print => Commonly Used Card => Choose building => Floor => Room.
2. How to create communities?
(1) Select 'Community' => 'Add'
(2) Input community description and type, click 'submit' and finish community adding.